Hiring Announcement: Precision Sustainable Agriculture

GROW’s partner organization, Precision Sustainable Agriculture (PSA), is hiring! PSA is a network of scientists and digital specialists working to build digital tools and technology to help agricultural producers farm more sustainably. The group is looking for an Outreach and Communications Specialist to help lead its internal and external communications efforts.

What is PSA?

PSA’s centralized technology team is collecting data on sustainable agriculture systems across the United States. The mission of the PSA network is to design automated data acquisition technologies from sustainable farming practices on a nationwide scale to develop predictive, real-time models and digital support tools and calculators to help farmers make decisions in a changing climate. The Outreach and Communications Specialist will assist PSA project managers and scientists in maintaining the cohesive research network by managing internal communications, directing a public-facing website’s content and development, representing the group at industry events, and assisting with the promotion, testing, and training of decision support tools.

The position will be administered through the University of Vermont and will report to the University of Vermont Extension Agronomic Specialist. This may be a remote work situation, with work being done within the United States.

Primary Job Functions

The Outreach and Communications Specialist will:

  • Work with a national and international network of researchers to synthesize and understand their research and goals and then develop, write, and edit communications products (news articles, factsheets, videos, etc.) for the website, for a broad audience consisting of academia, ag industry personnel, and the farming community.
  • Help lead the final stages of decision support tool development, including user testing, tutorial development, and promotion of the tools within the agricultural industry. Help implement these educational tools, which might include online workspaces, web-based courses, web and social media technologies, video, and other innovative formats.
  • Manage and maintain the PSA network’s internal communications via newsletters, email listservs, annual meetings, and a shared Google Drive and web portal, as well as develop standard PSA templates and style guides. Onboard new network members and coordinate PSA trainings. Manage/update events calendars and directories. Help organize annual PSA meetings. Provide communications and outreach assistance to PSA’s partner organization, GROW, and the Cover Crop Councils as needed.
  • Assist with development programs to educate and train farmers and agricultural service providers about precision sustainable agriculture systems, tools, and techniques. Develop and coordinate the creation and delivery of multimedia promotional and instructional materials for use with farmers and agricultural professionals.
  • Represent PSA at events and conferences and promote its communication products, digital tools, and its continued quest for research collaborations and opportunities. Develop and deploy a robust evaluation program to measure impact and outcomes relevant to the goals and objectives of UVM, UVM Extension, and all sponsors contributing to the program.


  • Bachelor’s degree and three years’ experience in a field related to agriculture, sustainable farming practices, and/or science communication and outreach education.
  • Effective verbal communicator with strong writing and editing skills. Some experience with agronomy, research, or scientific materials preferred. Knowledge and experience working with digital communications and website management.
  • Able to work independently and creatively with the ability to prioritize with minimal supervision. Ability to monitor progress, proactively identify problems, and work with teams to fill in gaps in performance.
  • Must be proficient in the use of computers and other electronic technologies including but not limited to webinar delivery software, video software, and social media tools.

To Apply

Visit the University of Vermont job site posting here: https://www.uvmjobs.com/postings/68051. The job was posted October 25, 2023 and will remain open until filled.

For questions on the position, email Emily Unglesbee at emilysu@vt.edu.