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HWSC Protocol 1: Corn & Soybean
HWSC Protocol 2: Wheat & Rice
HWSC Protocol 3: Combine Metrics (seed impact mills only)
HWSC UAS Protocol
Bayer HWSC Soil Health Protocol

Project Leads

Associate Professor
Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University
Phone: 979-845-5375
Email: muthu@tamu.edu

Project Team

Team Group Email: grow-ce1-hwsc@googlegroups.com

Bradley, Kevin
Missouri State

Burke, Ian
Washington State

Chu, Sarah
Graduate Student,
Texas A&M

Contreras, Diego
Research Technician,
NC State

Everman, Wes
Associate Professor,
NC State

Frisvold, George
Professor of Economics, University of Arizona

Gaines, Todd
Associate Professor, Colorado State

Hager, Aaron
Associate Professor, University of Illinois

Hathcoat, Daniel
Research Technician,
Texas A&M

Jha, Prashant
Iowa State

Kumar, Vipan
Assistant Professor,
Kansas State

LaBiche, Gabrielle
Research Technician,
LSU Ag Center

Law, Eugene
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Delaware/USDA-ARS

Lazaro, Lauren
Senior Agronomist,
Blue River Technology

Lindquist, John
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mirsky, Steven
Research Ecologist,

Niekamp, Jason
Research Specialist, University of Illinois

Rubione, Claudio
Extension Associate, University of Delaware

Sarangi, Debalin
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Shergill, Lovreet
Assistant Professor, Montana State

Singh, Vijay
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Torres, Ubaldo
Graduate Student,
Texas A&M

VanGessel, Mark
University of Delaware

Yaday, Ramawatar
Postdoctoral Researcher, Iowa State