Michael Flessner

  • Associate Professor and Extension Weed Science Specialist
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Virginia Tech Crop and Forage Weed Management Lab
  • 540-315-2954
  • flessner@vt.edu

Dr. Flessner’s research and extension program focuses on solving weed management challenges currently facing the Commonwealth of Virginia, with emphasis placed on sustainable and economic solutions. Herbicide resistant weeds are one such challenge that must be met with strong, proactive approaches to weed management.


  • Leadership Team
    • Project: GROW Summer Meeting 2022
  • Field Research Team
    • Project: GCE1: HWSC
    • Project: CPPM HWSC
    • Project: CPPM Residues & Residuals
    • Project: Weeds3D Calibration
  • Outreach and Extension Team
    • Project: Farmer Forum
  • DST Team
    • Project: Effective SOA Tool

Lab Members

  • Spoth, Matthew
  • Russell, Eli
  • Sias, Cynthia