Steven Mirsky

Dr. Mirsky is a leading researcher on precision and sustainable field crop production system techniques and has also developed technology transfer pathways to operationalize these approaches into practice for farmers.


  • Leadership Team
  • Field Research Team
    • Project: GCE1: HWSC
    • Project: GCE2: Cover Crops
    • Project: CPPM HWSC
    • Project: Weeds3D Calibration
  • Digital Weeds Team
    • Project: Weeds3D Development
    • Project: Weed Image Repository
  • Outreach and Extension Team
    • Project: Farmer Forum
  • DST Team

Lab Members

  • Ackroyd, Victoria
  • Bejleri, Kreshnik
  • Cangiano, Maria Laura
  • Davis, Brian
  • Grzywacz, Zack
  • Law, Eugene
  • Sweep, Ethan