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Project Leads

Lauren Lazaro

PI, CE1 Lead, CPPM CC Lead Blue River Technology lauren.lazaro@bluerivertech.com

Project Members

Muthu Bagavathiannan

PI, CIG On-farm Lead, Bayer Lead Texas A&M muthu@tamu.edu

April Dobbs

Graduate Student NC State april_dobbs@ncsu.edu

Michael Flessner

Associate Professor and Extension Weed Science Specialist Virginia Tech Crop and Forage Weed Management Lab Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University flessner@vt.edu

Matthew Kutugata

Graduate Student Texas A&M mattkutugata@tamu.edu

Gabrielle LaBiche

Research Associate LSU Ag Center glabiche@agcenter.lsu.edu

Eugene Law

Postdoc, Administrative Support USDA-ARS eplaw@udel.edu

Ramon Leon

PI, CIG Classic Lead NC State rleon@ncsu.edu

Steven Mirsky

Research Ecologist Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory USDA-ARS Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Steven.Mirsky@usda.gov

Cynthia Sias

Graduate Student Virginia Tech cynthias95@vt.edu

Mark VanGessel

PI University of Delaware mjv@udel.edu

Team Group Email: