Legacy (Formerly GCE2: Cover Crops)

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GROW Legacy Protocol

Project Lead

John Wallace

PI, CE2 Lead Penn State jmw309@psu.edu

Project Team

Matthew Allen

Research Technician University of Kentucky mtal222@g.uky.edu

Nicholas Basinger

PI University of Georgia nicholas.basinger@uga.edu

Diego Contreras

Technician NC State djcontre@ncsu.edu

Karla Gage

PI SIU Carbondale kgage@siu.edu

Aaron Hager

University of Illinois hager@illinois.edu

Erin Haramoto

PI University of Kentucky erin.haramoto@uky.edu

Eugene Law

Postdoc, Administrative Support USDA-ARS eplaw@udel.edu

Rich Little

Research Technologist University of Nebraska-Lincoln rlittle2@unl.edu

Eric Miller

Research Technician SIU Carbondale ericmiller1@siu.edu

Steven Mirsky

Research Ecologist Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory USDA-ARS Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Steven.Mirsky@usda.gov

Jason Niekamp

Research Technician University of Illinois jniekamp@illinois.edu

Mark VanGessel

PI University of Delaware mjv@udel.edu

Team Group Email: