Integrating Tactics For Johnsongrass Management in Grain Sorghum

Johnsongrass is a major problem in summer annual crops, especially in grain sorghum due to the lack of selective herbicide control options, unless growers plant a herbicide-resistant sorghum technology such as Inzen™, which is resistant to the ALS-inhibitor herbicide nicosulfuron (the active ingredient in Zest).

Researchers from Texas A&M, College Station have been studying johnsongrass management in Inzen™ sorghum in combination with IWM tools, such as the use of a pre-harvest desiccant, seed removal (harvest weed seed control), and strategic tillage, to deplete the weed seed bank and exhaust the underground rhizome reserves. This video discusses the results from this four-year field experiment. The integrated approach to Johnsongrass management discussed here  could be used to maximize effectiveness and combat resistance in upcoming herbicide-resistant sorghum technologies such as Igrowth sorghum and Double Team sorghum.


  • Muthukumar Bagavathiannan, Texas A&M


  • Mark VanGessel, University of Delaware

Video edits:

  • Claudio Rubione, University of Delaware