Virginia Tech Scientists Test See & Spray Tech from Blue River & John Deere

The long-awaited promise of precision spray technology seems closer than ever, especially to Virginia Tech researchers who are testing the latest version – the See & Spray™ Ultimate, from Blue River Technology and John Deere – this summer. 

“I think this kind of technology is going to be the future of weed control and the use of herbicides – being able to spray only the weeds, and to spray only where you want to,” says Dr. Michael Flessner, Virginia Tech Extension weed scientist. “It could not only realize product savings for those in agriculture…but it’s really a good look for agriculture overall. We’re applying these chemicals only precisely where they are needed.” 

Dr. Flessner is leading the research team that is testing the See & Spray equipment and cameras. They are working to see how accurate the spray system is on targeted weeds.

See how it works here:

Video by Claudio Rubione, GROW; text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW