A NEW Harvest Weed Seed Control Tool from Tecfarm

In December 2019, members of GROW visited Western Australia to learn first-hand about harvest weed seed control. Machinery companies and farmers are looking at expanding the options for mechanical weed seed destruction. In additional to viewing cage-mill based weed seed destroyers, they learned of a unique design that relies on parallel horizontal shafts. This new design was developed by Tecfarm Engineering and is called the WeedHOG.

WeedHOG is different from mill-based weed seed destroyers and may provide an option for smaller combines as it needs less horsepower to operate. It will be available for Australian farmers in 2020, with a limited offering. No date is set for availability in the US.  It was encouraging to hear about the continued development of mechanized weed seed destruction and the possibilities for American farmers, both large and small operations.

Tom Lewis showing the “WeedHOG” to GROW’s visitors (December 2019)

The Tecfarm weed mill is protected under one or more of the following patents: Provisional patent application 2015903508. International patent application PCT/AU2016/050802. National patent applications USA PCT/AU2016/050802 // Australia No.2016314137. European Union No P20150710 // Canada PCT/AU2016/050802

For more information: www.tecfarm.com.au

Material prepared by: Claudio Rubione, UDEL.

Edits: Dr. Mark VanGessel, UDEL