Introducing the Integrated Weed Management Resource Center

Welcome to GROW (IWM) website. GROW means Getting Rid of Weeds Through Integrated Weed Management , being IWM the key to tackling herbicide resistant weeds. Peruse this website to quickly find trusted educational resources to direct management practices, published by weed scientists around the US and abroad.

So, what would you like to do?

To find management info for specific problem weeds, this is the place.

To learn which herbicide resistant weeds to watch for in your state, that’s here.

To find educational and how-to articles for weed management strategies, and to learn what Integrated Weed Management is, you will find a lot here.

To learn about herbicide resistance in weeds, and find tons of helpful resources on the science and management of it, start with this page.

To learn about our project and the weed scientists involved, click here.

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