Meet Science for Success! 

Farmers successfully grow millions of acres of soybeans every year, but we know they are always looking for ways to better manage, protect and optimize their crops. Science for Success is a group of soybean researchers and extension specialists from land-grant institutions across the United States, that are dedicated to delivering Best Management Practices (BMPs) to soybean producers through collaborative research and outreach.  

Science for Success team members. (Photo credit: Science for Success)

Science for Success is funded by the United Soybean Board, and its team members represent approximately 90% of US soybean acres. Through robust, national collaborative research trials, the team combines locally relevant expertise into nationally impactful recommendations to help soybean producers optimize their yield. “We work to turn our collaborative knowledge into national extension resources for soybean producers,” says Rachel Vann, an Extension soybean specialist from North Carolina State University. 

Here is a quick look at some of the resources Science for Success provides: 

Robust, Coordinated Research

The Science for Success team collaborates nationally to capture research that explores future challenges soybean farmers may face during the growing season. Science for Success research trials are funded through diverse funding organizations such as state soybean boards, the United Soybean Board, and USDA-NIFA.

Diverse Outreach Mechanisms

Through materials like factsheets, videos, and educational webinars, Science for Success delivers timely information on best management practices across the soybean growing season. You can find their video content and other resources on their X/Twitter account, as well as the Soybean Research & Information Network (SRIN) YouTube page, and the SRIN website

Mentorship Program

Science for Success is dedicated to guiding the next generation of agronomists and Extension specialists. All team members are involved in the training of graduate students and work to provide hands-on research and Extension experience. Science for Success is also dedicated to uplifting younger and new team members as they begin their careers as Extension Specialists and work to serve their stakeholders.

Article by Christian Woods and Haleigh Ortmeier-Clarke, Science for Success