Time to Scout for Weed Escapes

The planting season is winding down, but crops are probably not the only thing taking advantage of your carefully prepared seedbeds. 

That’s right – it’s weed escape hunting season! 

Ideally, you were in the field, scouting before cash crop planting, to identify which weeds your burndown was targeting. Now it’s time to see what your postemergence applications might be up against – or, for those farther along in the season – which weeds weren’t too impressed with your postemergence application. 

Check out GROW’s webpages for more resources on: 

Weed Species Identification: There’s no reason to be left scratching your head in the field anymore, between annually updated weed guides and a growing array of mobile plant ID apps.

Scouting Procedure: Grab a notebook and your field boots and run through GROW’s checklist of weed scouting must-knows.

Scouting for Resistance: Do you know the signs of herbicide resistance? Have a plan to collect suspect weeds, and explore the different ways resistant weeds can spread.

Weed Scouting Apps: Crop scouting now has a digital assist, with apps designed to help you record information and track a field’s progress. 

Finally, don’t forget to visit GROW’s Resources page, for tools, videos, webinars and news stories on many topics, including weed ID and herbicides.

Text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW