Farmer Forum Recap: Cover Crop Seeding

In GROW’s latest Farmer Forum, a panel of farmers from Delaware, New York and Texas shared their experiences with all aspects of cover crop seeding, from sourcing and verifying seed to different seeding methods and rates. 

You can view their discussion below, using the following time stamps to navigate the video: 

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction & Welcome
  • 00:02:47 – Meet the Farmer Panel
  • 00:13:11 – Sourcing and Verifying Cover Crop Seed
  • 00:22:33 – Choosing Cover Crop Species, Mixes, and Seeding Rates
  • 00:43:00 – Different Seeding Methods: Drills, Air Seeders, Airplanes & More
  • 00:57:38 – Seeding Adjustments for Later Season Planting
  • 01:14:22 – Seeding Adjustments/Carryover Concerns for Early Planting
  • 01:22:03 – Drilling Advantages Compared to Other Seeding Methods
  • 01:29:04 – Conclusion

You can find more information on our panelists here.

Visit GROW’s Cover Crop page and Cover Crop Termination page for more information on this topic. 

Video editing by Claudio Rubione, GROW; Photos by Jay Baxter and Donn Branton; Text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW