Farmer Forum Recap: Using Drones for Weed Management

In this GROW Farmer Forum, two panelists led a discussion of the current state of drone scouting, mapping and herbicide applications for weed management, as well as the state of regulations, potential government restrictions and future drone applications and technology. 

You can view their discussion below, using these time-stamps for navigation: 

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:12 – Introduction to GROW
00:02:30 – Panelist Introduction
00:08:06 – Regulations and Legal Requirements for Drone Applications
00:13:32 – Drone Weed Mapping Sensors, Software and Flight Requirements
00:17:32 – Drone Target Spraying Capabilities and Limitations
00:25:08 – Potential Government Restrictions on non-U.S. Drone Manufacturing
00:37:34 – The Future of Drone Swarming in Agriculture
00:45:17 – Average Market Prices for Drone Weed Mapping
00:53:27 – Most and Least Suitable Crop Applications for Drones
00:55:10 – Tank Mix Considerations for Drone Applications
00:58:53 – How to Navigate Irregular Fields with Drones
01:02:27 – Potential Chemical Formulation Issues to Avoid
01:06:20 – Nozzle Considerations for Drone Applications
01:12:07 – Large Spray Tank Drones
01:14:14 – Herbicide Label Spray Restrictions for Drone Applications

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Video editing by Claudio Rubione; text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW; feature photo by Bholuram Gurjar, Texas A&M; header photo by Ubaldo Torres, Texas A&M