Farmer Forum Recap: Using Seed Impact Mills for Weed Control

In GROW’s last Farmer Forum of 2023, a panel of farmers from Texas and Washington shared their experiences using seed impact mills (such as the Redekop SCU, iHSD and Seed Terminator) to manage weeds on their farms. 

You can view their discussion below, using these time-stamps for navigation: 

00:00 – Start
00:25 – Introduction to GROW & Forum
02:56 – Introduction to Harvest Weed Seed Control & Seed Impact Mills
07:50 – Meet the Farmers
10:44 – How and Why They Adopted a Seed Impact Mill
14:18 – What Crops They Harvest With the Mill
21:27 – Turning the Mills On and Off
25:35 – The Mills’ Effect on Combine Performance
30:08 – The Mills’ Impact on Weeds, Volunteers & Grain Quality
42:16 – Advice for Farmers Considering Seed Impact Mills
45:56 – How Seed Impact Mills Work with Existing Weed Management Tactics
48:57 – What Weeds Escape the Impact Mills
52:29 – Dealing with Impact Mill Clogs
55:39 – Q & A

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Video editing and photos by Claudio Rubione, GROW. Text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW.