New Research on How to Apply Residual Herbicides When Planting Green

Megan Czekaj, Penn State. (Photo credit: Claudio Rubione, GROW)

Planting soybeans into a green, living cover crop can require some extra management decisions, such as when to apply those critical residual herbicides that help start the season off weed-free. 

That’s why Penn State graduate student Megan Czekaj set up a multi-state study to nail down the best application timing for residual herbicides in soybean fields that were planted green into cereal rye early or late in the season. 

Czekaj, who is working under PSU Extension weed scientist Dr. John Wallace, also dug into details on the effects of planting green timing and systems on yield and weed suppression. 

Learn about her findings in the video below: 

For more information on planting green and using cover crops for weed suppression, see this GROW webpage and these GROW news articles.

Video, header and feature photo by Claudio Rubione, GROW; text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW; narration by Megan Czekaj, PSU