Can A Corn Header Capture Weed Seeds?

Capturing as many weed seeds as possible during the harvest operation is key to optimizing any harvest weed seed control option, such as weed seed destructors or chaff lining. Platform or grain headers, used to harvest many crops such as wheat and soybean, typically perform this task well. However, corn headers function much differently and may not capture as many weed seeds. 

That’s why Dr. Michael Walsh, from the University of Western Australia and Dr. Michael Flessner, from Virginia Tech, set up a field trial to examine where weed seeds end up during a corn harvest. 

See how they evaluated the corn header’s potential for harvest weed seed control, and learn what they’ve discovered so far in this video below. 

Researchers: Michael Walsh, University of Western Australia and Michael Flessner, VA Tech

Note and video: Claudio Rubione, GROW.