Farmer Forum Recap: Combine Set-Up for Threshing Green Material

In the final Farmer Forum of the 2022 season on November 29, Australian presenters shared their combine threshing secrets for managing wet, green material at harvest while using chaff lining or a weed seed destructor.

Farmers often harvest fields with crops and weeds with high moisture content and green material, resulting in overloaded sieves and clogs within the combine or weed seed destructor. The Forum’s Australian presenters, who are experts on harvest weed seed control and combine mechanics, have spent years working to adjust threshing and concave settings to avoid this problem.

You can view the full Forum below. Here’s a breakdown of the presentation, which you can use to navigate the video when you view it on GROW’s YouTube channel:

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:24 – Introduction of presenters
00:01:46 – Breakdown of Australian versus American terminology
00:04:17 – Refresher on how crop material flows through a combine and how clogs occur
00:13:53 – How crop material flows into and through individual weed seed destructor mills
00:24:25 – The importance of baffle positioning
00:32:45 – Discussion of when to bypass the weed seed destructor mills
00:35:21 – Discussion of crop desiccation pros and cons in Australia and the U.S.
00:46:02 – Discussion of Case thresher’s concave settings and rasp bars
01:03:04 – Discussion of Redekop’s tine deflector kit and extended beater floor options to manage green material
01:07:46 – Discussion of John Deere concaves and usage of dense packs to adjust them and separator grate adjustments
01:18:32 – Q&A

GROW’s 2022 Farmer Forum series has connected harvest weed seed control experts from Australia and Canada with U.S. farmers who are working to adopt the technology – namely chaff lining and seed impact mills, also known as weed seed destructors.

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Text by Emily Unglesbee, GROW; Video editing by Claudio Rubione, GROW