How to Identify Summer Grass Weeds by Their Seedhead

Video by Claudio Rubione 

Grasses are tough to tell apart, but they often require different weed management strategies, so it’s important to learn how to identify the most common species, as University of Delaware Extension Specialist and GROW member Mark VanGessel explains here. He explains how the differing seedhead of each species can help you sort through those grass weeds in your field at harvest time. 

Looking for a specific grass weed? Here’s where you’ll find each one in the video below: 

Giant Foxtail: 0:41

Barnyardgrass: 1:13

Fall Panicum: 1:42

Large Crabgrass: 2:23

Goosegrass: 3:00

Broadleaf Signalgrass: 3:44

Texas Panicum: 4:37

Yellow Foxtail: 5:11

Johnsongrass: 5:38

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Researchers: Mark VanGessel and Claudio Rubione, University of Delaware/GROW

Video edits: Claudio Rubione