Muthu Bagavathiannan, Texas A&M Weed Scientist, shares what he learned from Australian farmers

In a recent visit to Western Australia, GROW Team members learned first hand from Australian growers, how are they successfully managing weed resistance in their operations. Dr. Muthukumar Bagavathiannan, Associate Professor of Weed Science at Texas A&M University, talked with growers, University colleagues and industry reps about the different Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC) methods that farmers have been adopting over for the past two decades. Muthukumar highlighted that HWSC methods such as chaff lining, chaff tramlining and impact mills could be researched and adopted in Texas, mainly for crops such as cotton, grain sorghum, corn, wheat and rice.

Researcher: Dr. Muthukumar Bagavathiannan, Texas A&M University, College Station

Video: Claudio Rubione MSc, University of Delaware