Updates on Harvest Weed Seed Control from WSSA Members Across the Country

Harvest weed seed control research is growing across the U.S., with farmers and researchers trying out chaff lining and seed impact mills, also known as weed seed destructors, from coast to coast. 

Listen to this series of presentations on the status of that research, recorded at WSSA’s 2023 annual conference in Arlington, Virginia, and covering the eastern U.S., Midwest, South, Northern and Central Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest. 


00:00 – Start

00:15 – Michael Flessner, Virginia Tech University (Eastern U.S.)

17:12 – Prashant Jha, Iowa State University (Midwest and South)

36:25 – Lovreet Shergill, Montana State University (Northern Great Plains and Pacific Northwest)

49:26 – Vipan Kumar, Kansas State University (Central Great Plains)

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Video by Claudio Rubione, GROW