Mid-Atlantic Workshop on Herbicide-Resistance Went Virtual This Year

A two-part workshop on herbicide-resistant weeds was held jointly with University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and University of Delaware Extension.  Over the two days, 450 participants viewed the on-line presentations.  The focus of the workshops was to increase the understanding of herbicide-resistance and provide suggestions on how to best manage weeds both with herbicides and with non-chemical tactics.  Through a post-session evaluation, most participants said they improved their understanding of herbicide-resistance and both farmers and consultants/advisors estimated there was a net value of $4/A.

To view the entire first session, click here

Topics for the first session were:

TitleLocation (hr:min:sec)
Herbicide Resistance – What is it?00:13:30
Mechanisms of Action-How to Choose Herbicides00:21:28
Creating Effective Herbicide Plans00:38:50

To view the entire second session, click here

Topics for the second session were:

TitleLocation (hr:min:sec)
Integrated Management of Palmer Amaranth, Common Ragweed, and Marestail00:03:33
Local Farmer Perspectives on Resistance Weed Management01:04:00
Putting It All Together: Creating a Weed Management Plan01:24:15

Participants were also supplied a number of handouts and resources.  PDF’s are included below